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The Door Lock Deadbolt Is Completely Stuck! What to do?

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Good and sturdy doors and locks protect us from the burglars and they provide us with the safety we need. However expensive a lock system may be, it is important that you acknowledge the fact that sometimes it may need small fixes at least.

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Obviously, fixing locks is the work of a locksmith and hiring a pro is always the very best thing to do, regardless of whether or not you are in a great hurry. Yet, there are certain lock relates issues you can fix on your own too, without having to have had specialized training in the field.

For example, if your lock deadbolt gets stuck, you should know that there are certain things you can do about it in order to fix everything. Here are some of the most important ones to keep in mind:

* When the deadbolt is stuck, there is a very large chance that the problem was created by the fact that the bolt cannot find its way to the throat of the strike plate.

* Before you attempt to do anything else, take a look at the strike plate and see if it is secure (it doesn’t wiggle) and if it is properly aligned with the door as well.

* Most likely, you will encounter one of these issues, as they are usually the ones causing deadbolts to get stuck. To make the strike plate and the bolt meet again, file off the strike plate so that the bolt fits in. If you want to, you can even round the corners a bit so that everything works even more smoothly.

* If filing off doesn’t work in any way, you have to remove the strike plate from the door. This may be a bit difficult if you don’t have experience in doing it, calling a locksmith may be a better solution.

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